D.I.D Motorcycle chain


The original equipment manufacturer of almost 70% of all Japanese motorcycles and worldwide leader concerning know how and technology. Most MotoGP teams count in chains from D.I.D.

D.I.D X-Ring technology - leading in high-performance chains

50% reduced friction loss (compared to normal O-ring chains)

The patented X-ring DID reduce friction by rotation (TWISTED), unlike other types, which are squeezed between the link plates. O-rings and other X-rings have pressure points that cause a significant friction loss. The "twisted action" the DID X-rings minimizes the pressure and reduces power loss.


High Riditity - improved tensile strength

The new generation of D.I.D. Chains emerged from years of experience and development in the Moto GP, the most important circuits in the world. The improved tensile strength of the new X-ring series these are significantly more resistant to deformation and stretching and thus also have a much longer life. This results in a softer handling, less power loss and faster response.