DNA High Performance Airfilter


DNA Hight Performance Air Filters are high-tech products of the highest quality. A perfect system of highest quality materials, Race proven in various classes of motorsport.

• Race proven at numerous events
• Use of quality materials
• Several layers with specially impregnated cotton and aluminum wire
• High flow rate of air through special design
• Reliable filtering of dust and dirt
• Easy to clean and long reusable

11.) special cotton from several layers for maximum flow rate at maximum filtration performance of over 98%
2.) coated aluminum wire - Each filter with specially calculated wire diameters to maximize the tensile strength and elasticity
3.) Composition - The filter consists of four layers of cotton which are surrounded by two aluminum wire scaffolding. This design allows for better utilization of the filter area compared to standard filters.


4) Air Filter Oil - By using the Luftfliteröls you reach the optimal performance of the air filter.
5.) The unique frame material of DNA Luftfliters - requirements as Zugfesigkeit with the necessary hardness, high temperature, fuel and oil resistance, it absorbs vibrations and ensures longer life.
6) High-quality seal for perfect, airtight seal - The industrial grade adhesive is completely Krafstoff-, oil and temperature resistant.
7.) FCd Konstukton allows 20% to 80% more filter surface