HIFLO Airfilter

"Standard" and "MX" - air filter
• OEM quality
• filter program for all motorcycle brands
• Using quality materials from Japan, Europe and the US
• Regular inspection of filter and production by TÜV
• Performance enhancing (MX)


HIFLO Oilfilter

• TÜV tested quality: the first manufacturer of motorcycle filters are Hiflo filter and the factories where they are manufactured, tested by TÜV South Germany and certified. This ensures that all filters have a consistently high standard of quality - which is higher than that of the OEM manufacturers.

• As the only manufacturer of motorcycle filters Hiflo filters are produced in a single work - this is one of the prerequisites for a TUV certification. Thus it can be ensured that the filter is 100% identical are truly unique in their quality.

• For the production of filters only high quality components are used: Adhesive from Germany; Filter paper from Japan, Scandinavia and the USA; Steel from Japan.

• Each filter is checked for tightness.