MITAS tyres


Mitas is a specialist and a major producer in the field of off-road motorcycle tires. In October 2012, Mitas and Savatech merged so that gradually produced the widest range of motorcycle tires under a brand name.
We are proud that MITAS tires are successfully driven by a number of motorcycle champions in various disciplines. Thanks to the cooperation with top motorcyclists in extreme Enduro, Motocross Freestyle and speedway, we gained valuable experience and information on Leistung- / and scope of our tires.


MOTORCYCLE tyres - Our large range of motorcycle tires Mitas is divided into 4 large groups - RADIAL, SPORT, RACING, classical.

Depending on the application, different profiles are available. Here are also untyped tires (mainly SPORT RACING and Berich) vertreten.unserer who come only on the track used in the range tires.

SCOOTER tyres - The range of scooter tire is also divided into groups, the main focus is on the maxi scooter and sport Scooter tires. Even more unusual profile for Scooter "Offroad" purposes are available. Untyped dimensions and profiles are the exception here.

Special tires such as Whitewall tires but also scooters and Racing Slick and winter tires are represented in the selection.

ENDURO & MX tyres - From Hobby-Cross until homologated competition tires - different dimensions and profile types for hard, rocky but also muddy or sandy driving conditions - The range of Enduro, MX and Motocross tire is very extensive.

The identification of areas of application on the streaks. Special tires for TRIAL, Speedway and Flat Track are also available.


The range will be expanded as needed.