NGK spark plugs


NGK is not only in Japanese motorcycles as a leading original equipment manufacturers. Even on the road, in racing and in the series is NGK number 1.
With the highest quality standards and technical know-how fortschrittlistem nothing to be desired in terms of product scope. Spark plugs which are to define on durability, reliability, and eco-friendly production, the Ergebins. Excellent start-up behavior, spontaneous throttle response and smoother running are only 3 of the advantages that brings this product with them.


Different types - Different areas of applications



NGK spark plug "STANDARD"

If 'skips the spark' NGK is always there. As original equipment by leading car manufacturers, in the victorious cars of Formula 1, in motorcycle racing and, of course, in the vehicles in daily traffic. About 90 % of all Japanese motorcycles are factory-fitted with NGK products!
NGK is setting standards in meeting highest quality demands. With advanced technology NGK provides a performance standard which even withstands extreme conditions. In terms of product range and service desired to be left open.
Spark plugs from NGK are just as successful as progressive. Specialists in applications, when you need it, to maximize performance while minimizing the burden on our environment.

NGK spark plug "VX"

The innovative VX spark plug was specially developed for overcoming ignition problems with motorcycles and is the perfect result of many years working for international motorcycle manufacturers.

NGK spark plug "IRIDIUM"

NGK has developed with the Iridium IX spark plug is a hi-tech product with many advantages. The valuable precious metal is used wherever special quality is required - because - it's hard like hardly any other precious metal, resistant to most chemicals and has an extremely high melting point of about 2450 ° C.
These advantages NGK makes to Nutze. The laser-welded electrode bundles by your minimum diameter of 0.6mm the ignition perfectly, so that the combustion is improved in all speed steps. In addition, the exact distance between the electrodes thereby ensuring misfires are prevented.