We refer quality moped spare parts such as cylinder kits, pistons kits and related spare parts, and flyweights Variatorsets!


  Zylinder Kit

  For many vehicles has Polini Cylinder Kit's specially adapted (original spare), variants with higher cc number for racing purposes are also available.
  Kolben Kit und Ersatzteile

  As a replacement for the original built-up piston and special pistons, for example with excess. All required items are included in the delivery, all items are also available sepperat.
  Fliehgewichte (diverse Durchmesser und Ausführungen)

  Polini presents for his Variomatic drives a wide range of matching weights that allow can be the response of the optimal control.
  Variator Set`s spare parts

  All Variatorantreibsteile are available separately in the replica of Polini. So must be replaced in case of defects not the entire drive.