POLISPORT - Performance Plastics


Is indispensable in the world of enduro and MX MOTOCROSS Sport`s. Established in 1978 by Pedro Araújo as a sole proprietorship, one began in 1982 with the production of plastic fenders. From 1989, began manufacturing its own molds for the manufacture of special parts ... With the introduction of the DGP-process (Durable Gloss Polypropylene) in 2000 was the triumph of Polisport unstoppable.

Many racing teams across all classes rely on the quality and longevity of Polisport plastic parts. An increasing number of hobby-Crosser know Polisport brand appreciated.

From universal item to the original complete kit, the program is very extensive.



  The many different versions leave nothing to be desired. The specially designed mounts the hand guards can be mounted depending on the version on almost all handlebar types.
  Plastic complete kit`s

  The complete kit`s are vehicle application and fit perfectly, like a glove instead of the original panels. Especially with Apply items are quickly destroyed, all items are of course also available and interchangeable.
  Plastik spareparts (Fahrzeugspeziefisch)

  Made of high quality plastic, manufactured precisely, the spare parts from Polisport are ideally suited for the replacement of defective parts. OEM original colors and other colors can make your vehicle individually and distinctively.
  Accesories (BikeStand, BikeMat, Tripod)

  Practical accessory for everyday use - Only highest quality materials used are give you pleasure for a long time.
  Lightning Kit`s & backlights

  In our assortment, the main headlights incl. All mounting hardware are created. The various other colors and shapes are available at all times. The taillights are as required with "e" off-road or "untyped" available.