SBS brake pads- GO AHEAD


SBS stands for the optimal combination of performance, durability and safety. That's why many racing teams are partners of the company and propel research and development of new products. New process and production methods make SBS a leader in terms of quality standards and their implementation.

Race proven at numerous events
• Use of quality materials
Several layers with specially impregnated cotton and aluminum wire
• High flow rate of air through special design
• Reliable filtering of dust and dirt
• Easy to clean and long reusable

Various Type - diffrent applications


Street brake pads:
HS Sinter Steet Excel (front): The ideal combination of abrasion-poor braking performance, secure
Brake feel and high heat resistance, specifically designed for a sporty driving style as well as high
Exposure to heavy motorcycles. The HS lining protects the brake disc. Constant braking performance in dry and in wet ground, a warm-up is not required.
Recommended for high-performance motorcycles of the new generation and for all sports, touring and custom bikes that are originally equipped with sintered pads.
For example, Honda CBR & VT, Kawasaki ZX & VN, Suzuki GSX-R & VL, Yamaha YZF & XV and models of Harley Davidson.

LS Sinter Steet Excel (rear): LS Sintermetall-brakepadsfor rear brakes feature by high heat resistance, and in combination with HS deposits on front brakes for the required and expected braking power. To overbraking To prevent the rear wheel, the friction coefficient of the LS deposits is lower than that of HS deposits, similar to the concept of the original equipment.

HF Ceramit Steet (front/rear):Constant braking performance, high comfort and durability distinguish this from brake pads for front and rear brakes.
Discs gently in a variety of conditions such as wet roads, changing temperatures and different demands on the braking pressure.
Recommended for older sports, Tourenund custom bikes as well as for daily trips on short trips or tours with smaller motorcycles that are not equipped with sintered brake pads original.
Examples: Honda CB & CX, Kawasaki EN & KZ, Suzuki GN & GS, Yamaha XS & XJ and Harley Davidson.

RS Sinter (Track & Sport): Our top product at the race-pads for Supersport and Superbike racing in the late 1990s is now considered the ultimate, but affordable
Racing lining for road and sport bikes.
To upgrade to be used only on race tracks, see flyer SBS ROAD RACING or www.sbs.dk.

Scooter brakepads:
HF Ceramit Steet (recommended up to 125cc): For small to medium cars, which are used for traveling to work and in everyday life.

CT Carbon Tech Maxi Carbon (Recommended for 125 to 249cc): for the middle to high-performance cars, the sporty everyday use and for driving pleasure.

MS Sinter Maxi Sinter (recommended for Scooter from 250cc): for powerful maxi-scooter, which are fitted with high-quality Moptorradtechnik. Ultramodern sintered compound technology delivers excellent braking performance combined with a long service life.

MotoCross brakepads:
CS Carbon Silver:  Equally reliable and powerful performance for motocross training and racing.

SI Sinter: Mud or sand, rain and abrasive conditions - the SI SBS Sinter Off-Road combine constant braking performance with low wear rate.

RSI Racing Sinter: If you want to drive in motocross racing for victory, need
SBS RSI. SBS RSI Sinter Off-Road Racing ensure powerful, fade-free braking performance and constant, even under the most extreme conditions in the context of a championship run.

Racing brakepads:
RSI Racing Sinter: Our top product at the race-pads for Supersport and Superbike
Race in the late 1990s is now considered the ultimate, but affordable racing base for road and sport bikes.

DC Dual Carbon: Since its launch in 2001, this rubber is used by the top teams in the world and has seven world championships and numerous national championships
won. DC is the "Choice of Champions" for the Superstock, Supersport and Superbike class.
Einfahrempfehlungen and technical information can be found at www.sbs.dk.

DS Dual Sinter: This coating was introduced for World Superbike, Supersport and Endurance 2007 won in his first season two Sprint Championships and coped successfully
the 24-hour race of Le Mans and the Bol d'Or.
DS is already as the new standard in the brake technology for Motorcycle World Championship and
Endurance race.

RQ Carbon Tech: (rear): The back down for motorcycles using the rear brake in curves or drift out.

LS Sinter Metal: (rear): For motorcycles, the occasional or light use to back down, the rear brake.