SHAD cases & Assembly Systems


THE COMPANY NAD SL – Owner of the SHAD brand - designs, produces and distributes seats and motor cases compatible with the motorcycle industry's most important brands. Our constant process of development has allowed us to collaborate with the main manufacturers of the sector, meeting new technical and design challenges every day, thus placing us in leadership position in the motorcycle seats and motor cases segment. At NAD, S.L. we firmly believe that a process of constant improvement and the relentless pursuit of excellence is the path that we have to follow in order to continue creating unique, top quality products, which in 2015 allowed us to win the Red Dot Award for the design of our new side cases SH36.

EXPERIENCE - 40 years of innovating and ensuring the maximum quality of our products has enabled us to reach our current position as the brand of reference and the leading European manufacturer of seats and motor cases for the leading brands in motorcycles. Since 1973, we began creating an unstoppable team that loves to face challenges and to do things right. Continuously working and maintaining high level commitment with our clients has enabled us to build close and enduring relationships of collaboration, thus generating beneficial synergies with most motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. 

The SHAD suitcase System offers a wide selection of quality TopCase and Sidecases with an extensive assortment at carrier systems for mounting on all common vehicle models. With the right add-on parts, the different designs the suitcase and the many color options, which enable the SHAD suitcase System optimally adjust to each vehicle. Optional accessories how backrests and brake lights, the system complement - quality and safety are here unites with Design and functionality.
In every SHAD TopCase an attachment plate is contain already in delivery!

  Shad TopCases (SH48)

  48 liter capacity
New modern design
reinforced shell and transverse profiles
base plate and mounting kit included
colored / replaceable cover flap
Optional accessories: Back pad, LED tail / brake light
width / depth / height 61/46/31
  Shad Quad Koffer (ATV110)

complete with back cushion, reflector and fastening parts
Content 110 Liter
  Shad SportRack 

The new case mounting system SHAD SPORT RACK is a fundamentally new system for mounting panniers. From the racing motorcycle is a few steps a Touring Motorcycle and vice versa, it has to be removed only the seat of the passenger. The great advantage of the SHAD SPORT RACK are the better Connection between boot and motorcycle or in the ease of installation. This clever system is unique in the market and the offer is constantly being expanded.


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