Professional Battery Diagnostic, testing and chargers, and that's not all!

  • Batterymate: Professional, partly prescribed and recommended for servicing, diagnostics and testing of 112V batteries.
  • Optimate: Battery charging and diagnostic equipment saves and loads also deeply discharged, sulfated batteries.
  • Accumate: Charger for 6V / 12V or 12V / 24V batteries
  • Testmate: Type speciffic battery tester
  • Ignitionmate: Ignition test and diagnostic unit
  • Vaccummate: Intake analysis and -synchronisierer for setting of carburetors or throttle 
  • Synchromate: Precise, electronic synchronizing more carburettor engines

  BATTERY Diagnostic, testing and charger
Professional, recommended by car manufacturers and importers and partly prescribed for servicing, diagnostics and testing of 12V batteries
  Optimate 2,3,4,5,6


BATTERY - charging and diagnostic unit
Saves and loads also deeply discharged, sulfated batteries Optimate technology is recommended by 10 leading motorcycle manufacturers!
(including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and Triumph)

  Optimate Pro8


Maintenance of up to 8 different batteries
for 6 and 12V, STD, AGM and deep cycle batteries
automatic recovery of deeply discharged batteries
Battery test and examination
any time fully charged batteries


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