TOPLITE Motorcycle batteries


The extensive range of TOPLITE enables nearly 100% coverage of the two-wheeler market, with various types and designs of batteries. Yuasa Battery is the world's largest producer of batteries and stands for top quality in the market.


  Standard lead-acid battery

6V / 12V Standard lead accid battery

A specially built chemical formula, which reduces the formation of sulfate crystals on the cell walls drastically ensures significantly longer life that characterizes this type of battery.
95% of all battery defects caused by decreased conductivity (Verschwefelung), is counteracted here by the chemical additive. High-quality glass mats prevent vibration damage, especially thin partitions provide up to 30% more starting power than conventional batteries.


  "MF" maintenance-free battery incl. acid pack or ready for use

12V Battery "MF & MF SUPER SALED"

The TOPLITE SUPER MF battery is absolutely maintenance-free and protected against leakage of acid. The unique "gas recombination system" prolongs the life of the battery and ensures greater "Start Power". This type of battery holds tension longer than conventional batteries and needs to be charged less frequently. It is designed for a larger size Temperature range (-20 ° C to + 50 ° C). Acid enclosed or allready filled!


This battery can NOT be used in vehicles where the battery is installed horizontally. We accept no liability for damage and consequential damage to battery and vehicle.